Bio Claire Cream – Honest Review

Bio Claire Cream is a quick bleaching and lightening cream, which takes good care of your skin, by making it clean and free of freckles, melasma, scars, wrinkles, black spots, dark markings, and scars from the body. It will make your skin glow at the same time. Read on to learn about the Pros and Cons of this cream below.

Bio Claire Cream:

The quick-bleaching Bio Claire Lightening Cream is produced in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. Many individuals truly believe that it includes hydroquinone, notwithstanding what is said on the label.

It is one of the most popular and reasonably priced whitening, brightening, and lightening creams available today. The good thing is that every grown-up whether male or female can use this body cream.

This cream contains some potent ingredients which makes it super useful in toning and eliminating skin spots and other skin blemishes. It gives soft and radiant skin. It also lessens facial oil, by moderating the amount of oil produced by your skin.

Bio claire lightening cream has a fairly pungent fragrance. This cream quickly absorbs into the skin and leaves it looking rejuvenated and beautiful.

Benefits of Bio Claire Cream:

It removes freckles, melasma, scars, wrinkles, dark markings, and scars from the body. Your skin becomes smoother, younger-looking, and as soft as a baby’s thanks to Bio claire lotion.

This lotion promotes skin renewal and rejuvenation while moisturizing, integrating, and clarifying. It makes the skin supple, radiant, and lovely. It makes your skin more soft, radiant, and clear.

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Bio Claire Ingredients:

It contains a variety of nutrients and ingredients that swiftly make the skin lighter, brighter, and whiter. They include the following;

EAU, Emulsionnant, H.V., V.B., I.P.M., Alcool Cetostearylique, Glycerine, M.P.G., Actifs Bio-Vegetaux 2%, Parabens, B.H.T, Colourants and Fragrance.

Side Effects of Bio Claire Cream:

  • It causes acne in certain persons.
  • It causes rashes in certain persons.
  • It causes eczema in some persons.
  • It causes stretch marks in some persons.
  • It causes discolouration in certain persons.
  • It causes body odor in certain persons.

Does Bio Claire Contain Mercury?

No, it does not contain Mercury.

Does Bio Claire Cream Remove Stretch Marks?

It does not remove stretch marks, in some cases, there are reports of it causing stretch marks on some certain skin types.

Is Claire a Bleaching Cream?

Yes it is a bleaching cream.

Does Bio Claire Cream Contain Hydroquinone?

No, hydroquinone is not present, according to the information written on the list of ingredients.

How To Use Bio Claire Cream?

Take a small portion of the cream onto the palm of your hand, and massage it gently all over your body until it is completely absorbed into your skin.

You may also use Easy Glow Lotion.

How Effective is Bio Claire Cream?

It is an amazing cream that will make your skin clear and give you a fair and gorgeous complexion.

How Much is Bio Claire Cream?

It is sold for ₦2,500 in the market and cosmetics stores. But you can buy original online from trusted sellers on JUMIA and KONGA.

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