Dermaliss Review

Dermaliss is a nice face cleanser and toner that thoroughly cleans the skin by exfoliating and removing dirt, blemishes (Pimples), and extra oil. To give you clearer skin, it also removes abnormal pigmentation. it tones and work like magic on the face by removing pimples (acne).

Dermaliss cleanser is the best for getting rid of pimples like magic. It quickly dries them off and absorbs the oil. You’ll be surprised by how well this cleanser works.

I’m not being overly dramatic; if you can find the original, you can be sure that it truly does work. No matter how difficult your skin is, this product never fails to deliver.

No matter how often you wash your face with soap, the dermaliss face cleanser still works to remove impurities and dirts from your skin. It makes your skin extraordinarily spotless.

Because dermaliss will carelessly exfoliate your facial skin, it will therefore result in severe skin peeling if there are dead skin cells on your face. .

Your facial skin will initially start to peel, after which it will become new and smooth.

Because it will bleach your skin and give you the appearance of having eczema, Dermaliss face cleanser is not advised for persons with dark or chocolate complexion. Your skin will take on a camouflage (that is Black and Yellow) appearance as a result.

Everyone can use it to get rid of their skin issues and then stop using it. It would be OK if only fair individuals continued to use it as their regular toner and facial cleanser.

People with ebony or caramel complexion should use it to get rid of their acne and then set it aside until when new breakouts may occur.

This cleanser should be used only when there are pimples (acne) and other skin issues, it is not a regular beauty lotion. Its purpose is for cleaning the face, and to keep the face clean and smooth.

Anyone with acne, white spots, sunburns, black spots, dark bags under the eyes, or discoloration should definitely consider dermaliss. Try it out, and your skin will testify.

Because it says “body lotion” on it, some people do mix it with their body creams, but because I haven’t tried it, I can’t comment on it or give it a recommendation.

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Dermaliss Cleanser

Dermaliss Face Cleanser Ingredients:

Carrot extract, alcohol, antioxidants, AHA, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, ginseng, EAU, and water are among the ingredients in Dermaliss Face Cleanser.

Dermaliss Side Effects:

1: Prolonged use results in skin paleness.
2: Prolonged use thins the skin.
3: Extended use results in skin bleaching
4: Extended use results in excessive exfoliation
5: It renders skin more vulnerable to sunburn.

Is Dermaliss Cleanser Good for Pimples (Acne)?

Yes, it gets rid of skin spots and pimples.

Is Dermaliss Cleanser Good for Sunburn?

Yes, it removes skin-related sunburns.

How to Know Fake Dermaliss Cleanser?

1: The fake one has “BLEACHING BODY LOTION” written on it, whereas the authentic or original Dermaliss cleanser has “CLEANER BODY LOTION” written on it.
2: The bogus Dermaliss cleanser is produced in Nigeria, whilst the genuine product is produced in Abidjan.
3: The real dermaliss is packaged in a 125ml container, while the counterfeit one is in a 150ml container.

See images below:

How to Know Fake Dermaliss Cleanser
How to Know Fake Dermaliss Cleanser

How Much Is Dermaliss Cleanser?

It is sold for 1,800 naira to 2,000 naira in market and cosmetic shops nationwide.

Where to Buy Dermaliss?

You can buy original Dermaliss face cleanser on JUMIA and KONGA.

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