December 4, 2020

Story of Laycon BBNaija – Don’t Judge the Book by its Cover

Story of Laycon BBNaija: Talk of the ongoing Big Brother Naija Season 5, Lockdown edition, the house mate that will get the most talked about housemate trophy is Laycon.

Story of Laycon BBNaija
Story of Laycon BBNaija

It wasn’t so in the beginning. He was the most underrated. He was trolled and dragged on twitter.

After Ebuka introduced him to the big brother naija community during the opening night of the show, as one of the house mates.

Majority of the twitter users that trolled him had a lot of negative stuffs to say about him like, he was not suppose to make it to the house, he looks like a village boy, he looks underfed, he is a chained smoker judging from his black lips, he is the least handsome housemate, he does not have swag, he is a Marlian, and many other negative comments.

Typical of what one would expect of a television audience that  is used to seeing only fine faces, and people that judge people by their looks without getting to know them.

That same day, the story online changed as it was revealed that he was the best graduating student of the Faculty of Art, Philosophy Department, University of Lagos,  And a superb rapper with 3 EPs (Y.B.A.G, ANY GIVEN MONDAY, and WHO IS LAYCON ) to his name.

Same people that trolled him started praising him as they searched and streamed his songs. His song ‘Fierce’ on which he featured Ace rappers Reminisce, and Chinko Ekun became a street anthem.

This paid him big as his followers on all social media platform skyrocketted. From being trolled, booed,  underrated, and called all sort of negative names, he became the first housemate of the Big Brother Naija season 5 lockdown edition, to be certified a celebrity as his Instagram account became the first to be verified among the housemates.

His fellow housemates treated him thesame way inside the house. Though they did not call him names, boo him, or disrespect him. Nobody cared when he opens his mouth to talk. Being a very patient, tollerative, and observant person, he let them have their way. I could tell from the way he observed them he was saying to himself, “soon they will ask, who is Laycon?’ like the name of his fourth body of work and currently trending EP.

Same question social media users asked after they discovered he was a very intelligent  individual, that turned them to his fans.

On his first diary session, he asked if biggie can allow him some time in the house to perform some of his flows before his fellow house mates.

I know he wanted to use that to show them that he is not who they are taking him to be. He wanted to prove to them that he is worth being in the house like everyone of them.

Biggie turned him down, he took it with understanding unknown to him that biggie has a surprise for him.

Forward to day 3. Biggie was playing songs for the house mates to keep their spirit up. Laycon and others were vibing to the songs, then ‘Fierce’ his song with Reminisce and Chinko Ekun came up. Immediately his fellow house mates heard the song.

They started moving their body like, ‘this song is good but we don’t know the artiste.’ Laycon hearing it jumped up and shouted, ‘it’s my song! That’s my song.”

He started flowing to the song. The excited housemates joined and started hailing him. Neo one of the house mates who couldn’t hide his excitement, rushed to Laycon and raised him up as he perform the song.

After the jam sessions, his fellow house mates gathered and asked Laycon to perform his songs for them again.

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They couldnt get enough from the jam session. All of a sudden, he became the celebrity of the house as he was seen in one session with the guys rhyming for them. Neo was captured giving him 101% attention like he wished he had his talent.

That same day he threaded on social media as a lot of his fans and Nigerian celebrities showed their support for him online, expressing how much he entertains them.

They include Reminisce, Joeboy, Small Doctor, Djinee, Kemi Olulonyo, Terry Akpala, Stephanie Coker Ade, Teddy A, Uti Nwanchukwu, and Ebuka Echendu, the host of the show.

Djinee tweeted,

“Laycon is arguably the most learned of the house mates. And he actually expresses himself very well. Entertainers are some of the most intelligent people you will find around but what can I say, you gats wear suit/agbada before them go say you get sense.”

Kemi Olunloyo tweeted on the Story of Laycon BBNaija,

“After observing #laycon for 24 hours, he is actually an observer and focused house mate, and am crowning him the MOST INTELLIGENT in the #bbnaijalockdown house. He is articulate and brilliant. I pray they call #kemitalks to visit the house and chat with them all. His liking s-e-x chats got us all curious. He is pretty brilliant. Wonder what his grades were in college. First class degree like mine?”

Small Doctor tweeted,

“Those wey dey husle wey never blow, Those are the people That we owe… @itslaycon 2020.”


Teddy A tweeted,

“Laycon dey give me joy.”


Terry Apala tweeted,

“My favorite @itslaycon.”


Stephanie Coker Ade tweeted,

“I’m officially a fan of Laycon. He reminds me of one Nigerian Lyricist. Cant recall his name. #bbnaija.”


A tweeter user with the handle @H_U_M_AN


“Music industry  rooting for Laycon. Ibile rooting for Laycon. Marluans rooting for him. Your top 5 is here.”

Another one with the handle @thescarletgomez,  tweeted,



Ebuka the host of the show tweeted,

“Laycon with the bars sha.”


Uti Nwanchukwu, a one time winner of the Big Brother Africa show tweeted,

“Usually, in the first week of #Bbnaija a certain kind of grace follows a particular Hmate. The masses inexplicably like, have empathy/sympathy for and unshakingly start the support/stanning of the Housemate leading to their eventual VICTORY. This year, that housemate is LAYCON.”


Laycon the guy that was underrated because he does not have the fineboy look or wear the best dress in the house has suddenly become everyones favorite for the 85 Million prize money. The book has proved everyone that judged it by its cover wrong.

Are people underrating you because of your looks or because you dont wear latest clothes, don’t take it personal. Take time to look into yourself.

There is something inside you that GOD blessed you with. Its your key to changing your story like Laycon. What are you passionate about?

What are your talent? Rather than look down on yourself and believe the negative things people say about you, take your time to build that gift, that thing you are passionate about. like Laycon, it will change your story and take you to places you never imagined.

It will take you to the right people that will help you achieve your dreams and help you win their favour. Same people that are laughing at you now will be the ones singing your praises tomorrow like Laycon.

“I don’t know about ya all. Me, am gonna be great. Ammo make money from this rap. Ammo make other people make money from this rap. Because am good enough.

Yeah, am good enough. I will make other people successful through my success. My success will motivate other people to succeed.”


Adapted from Laycons song ‘Motivation’, From his first studio album ‘Young Black And Gifted.’


If you are of the habit of judging people by their looks or the kind of clothes they put on, I believe you have learn something from this.

If you have been underrated or misjudged by people because of your looks or not putting on the latest clothes, please share your experience with us. Let’s learn from one another.

By Tanrose Anoumagharan (Story of Laycon BBNaija)

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