K Brothers Carrot Soap Review

K Brothers Carrot Soap is a USA beauty care face soap, suitable for the total removal of persistent black spots from your body or skin. Use twice a day and Results should be seen within 1-3 weeks of usage.


With its amazing cleaning and lightening properties, the K Brothers Carrot Soap will quickly transform your dark and dull skin complexion, into a lighter and brighter skin complexion.

This review is based on my personal experience using the soap, and a survey conducted on some of my friends in Lagos, Nigeria.


Their feedbacks, as well as my unbiased review show that the K Brothers Carrot Soap is not just a regular soap in the market, but one soaps every woman and man should go for.

I am sharing this review with you, because I want what works for me and my friends to also work for you.

Having a flawless skin is every woman’s dream; this is why I am recommending this Carrot Soap for you today.

If you have tried other soaps or creams which gives your skin black spots or blemishes, do not trouble your heart, because this K Brother Carrot Soap will work wonders for you.

It will clear all black and dark patches on your skin, and leaving your body looking smoother and lovely.

Seriously friends, this is not a paid review, because it works, this soap is well worth the hype.

It not only removed my dark spots, but it also evened out my skin tone and made my skin glow radiantly and wonderfully.

This soap comes highly recommended by me to anyone who has dark spots and needs to get rid of them rapidly. Regardless of how stubborn your skin is, this soap works quickly.

Now let us look at the some of the ingredients and qualities of K Brothers Soap.

K Brothers Carrot Soap Ingredients:

The K Brother Carrot Soap contains the following ingredients;

  1. Carrot Extracts (Gotten from carrot),
  2. Sodium Hydroxide,
  3. Water,
  4. Coconut Oil,
  5. Fd & C Brown and
  6. Fragrance

We all know that everything on this earth must have some side effects, so let us take a look to see if this soap has some side effects.

K Brothers Carrot Soap Side Effects:

No. As at the time of writing this review, we didn’t experience any side effects, though we know some people are allergic to some of the ingredients stated above.

We concluded based on our experience using this soap. K Brothers carrot soap doesn’t have any side effects when used as directed.

Note: If after you use this soap and you experience some side effects, please do not hesitate to inform us via the comment section below. This will help guide us, others, and also expand our knowledge about the soap.

Does K Brothers Carrot Soap Bleach?

No, the K Brother Soap is not a bleaching soap, though it transforms dark and dull skin into bright and shining complexion. Simply put, it brightens your skin appearance.

Does K Brothers Carrot Soap Contain Hydroquinone?

No, the soap is hydroquinone free.

Does K Brothers Carrot Soap lighten the Skin?

Yes, the soap gives your skin that bright look that you want. In other words, it is a skin cleaning and complexion lightening soap.

Simply put, It is a good soap that is effective in clearing dark spots fast and lightening your skin complexion. This is achieved by eliminating dead skin cells which makes the skin to be dark.

How to identify original K Brothers Soap

How to know original k brothers carrot soap is very simple. You can know from the colour, since the scent is the same.

  • The fake K Brothers Carrot Soap has a dark orange colour appearance.
  • The original has a light orange colour appearance.

You can buy this soap from the market, but to be on the safe side, we recommend you buy only from trusted stores online.

Best way to use the soap for quick results:

  • In your hand, add enough water on your palm to form lather or foam bubbles, and apply on wet face.
  • After applying the lather on your face, gently massage the lather, and rinse off after 2 minutes.
  • Simply wipe your face using a clean towel or wipe and apply some moisturizer to keep your skin from dryness.

Note: For best result, use twice a day and Results should be seen within 1-3 weeks of usage

K Brothers USA Carrot Soap Price in Nigeria:

Market price ranges N2500 to N3500. This price may change due to inflation and economy of the country.  We will keep the price updated to current market value.

Where to Buy K Brothers Soap:

You can buy the soap from beauty or cosmetics shops in the market, but if you do not want to buy the fake one, we recommend you buy the original soap online from trusted sellers on Jumia.

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    • sorry about your experience. The soap will not clear dark spots immediately, it requires time and regular usage to get a good result. Please note: Always buy from trusted sellers to avoid buying the fake product. You can get original via this links.

  1. I am using the right k brothers carrot soap light orange color but no results yet

    Show us your before and after


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